Rose LEAF template


2 shapes of ROSE leaf template – PDF, SVG (for CriCut), Studio (for Silhouette), DXF (for Brother Scan-n-Cut) files.


ROSE leaf (not flower) template.



Paper flower template is NOT included and sold separately.


What you get

This collection comes with 2 images of ROSE leaf both in PDF, Studio (suitable for Silhouette cameo), SVG (for CriCut) and DXF (for Brother Scan-n-Cut) files.

This leaf template is recommended for machine cut and has a pretty intricate shape. However you can print out PDF of template #2 and cut out the outer shape only, without inner veins. We kept it simple but still close to natural Rose leaf look.



Cut your leaves and shape them if you wish. But they look gorgeous flat as well!

Watch our free video on YouTube on HOW TO SHAPE monstera leaves using simple tools.

Use the same technique to shape rose leaves.