About Us

Hi, my name is Anastasia Ivanova. I am a paper artist living in Sydney, Australia.

SydneyPaperFlowers is my dream business where I create flowers and paper installations and PaperProTutorials is a platform where I share my knowledge with paper artists and crafters all over the world. I have started my paper flowers journey being pregnant with my little one. I had so much energy in my body so I decided to express it into something physical but beautiful and sustainable. So it didn’t take me long to start trying all things paper.

As a home staying mum of two I desired not only to stay sane around all these bibs, teats, naps but I also wanted to start getting money out of my beautiful new hobby. That time I had no idea how to.

I wasn’t good from the beginning. No one is. 100 litres recycle bin was full not with paper off cuts but with flowers every second week. Flowers were not perfect for me so this was the only destination point for them. Weeks and months later, after many sleepless nights at my small craft desk I found that my flowers are getting better and better. So I started sharing them with friends, our local school and day care. People were delighted to get them. But I still was not 100% happy though.

Now I am in the industry for almost 6 years. You can find my flowers in big retail shop windows in Australia, at the most beautiful weddings, parties, christenings and corporate events. We create our own templates and use unique techniques to make those beautiful paper flowers which do not fade in a while. And my 100 litres bin is still full every second week but now with just teeny tiny off cuts as we are for sustainability even in paper cutting.

Paper ProTutorials was created not only as an online shop for our templates and incredibly detailed video tutorials. It is a community of paper artists all over the world. Cause we know how hard it is to start. We do remember for how long this process may take you.

Here you will find all you need to convert your hobby into a small business fast. All you need is to follow your dream. We will provide knowledge and share our experience with you.
So scissors, paper, ROCK!

Yours sincerely, Anastasia