Long VINES template


1 shape of LONG VINE template – PDF, SVG (for CriCut), Studio (for Silhouette), DXF (for Brother Scan-n-Cut) files.


LONG VINE template.

Great to use with our rose template as they perfectly fit into A4 or Letter size paper sheet for machine cut.

please note: flower template is not included into this product and sold separately.


What you get

This collection comes with 1 image of LONG VINE all in PDF, SVG (suitable for CriCut), Studio (for Silhouette Cameo) and DXF (for Brother Scan-n-Cut) files.

All files are more recommended for machine cut. However if you are an experienced crafter you can hand cut using a craft knife or fine tips scissors.



Cut your leaves and shape if and where needed.
Watch our free video on YouTube about shaping of Eucaliptus paper leaves using simple tools and use this technique to shape your LONG VINES.