Freestanding PEONY flower video tutorial, designer paper or cardstock


4 detailed videos for flower head, flower stand and base, leaves and how to pack/transport flowers, including freestanding paper PEONY petal template PDF, SVG (for CriCut), Studio (for Silhouette) files.


Freestanding PEONY flower video tutorial.

Paper needed – cardstock or designer paper.

4 videos and petal/stamens templates included.



For this type of flower we use completely different PEONY template in comparison to our wall flower PEONY due to construction requirements.

This petal shape is recommended for electronic cut (use CriCut or Silhouette machine). You obviously can cut it with scissors but the edge shape is pretty intricate so will be time consuming.

Size of flower head – approx 45 cm / 18” wide from petal to petal if you follow our video tutorial suggestions OR you can scale the size of the base and petal and make a bigger size flower.


What you get:

1) 1 shape and 1 size of PEONY petal template for freestanding flowers (not the same template we use for regular flat back wall flowers and for the Newborn posing peony)
in PDF, SVG (suitable for CriCut) and Studio (suitable for Silhouette Cameo) file formats

2) 4 Detailed Step-by-Step VIDEO tutorials about how to make freestanding PEONY flower (links to watch the videos):

  • how to make PEONY flower head;
  • how to make a stem and a base;
  • how to make a branch of leaves;
  • how to pack flowers and stems safely for storage or transportation.