Freestanding FOAM ROSE flower video tutorial


5 detailed videos for flower head, flower stand and base, leaves and how to pack/transport flowers, including giant freestanding FOAM ROSE petal template PDF, SVG (for CriCut), Studio (for Silhouette) files.


Freestanding FOAM ROSE flower and a bud video tutorial.

Flower heads material – foam type material Isolon.

5 videos and petals/leaves/calyx templates included (hand cut technique).

Size of flower head – approx 60cm//23” for the big flower head and 45cm/18” for rose bud head from petal to petal if you follow our video tutorial suggestions.


What you get

1) 1 shape in 1 size of FOAM ROSE petal template for free standing flowers in PDF.

2) 5 Detailed Step-by-Step VIDEO tutorials about how to make freestanding FOAM ROSE flower (links to watch the videos):

  • how to make ROSE flower head;
  • how to make ROSE bud;
  • how to make a stem and a base;
  • how to make a branch of leaves;
  • how to pack flowers and stems safely for storage or transportation.